Soylent Green

We worked with Warner Brothers to create a collectible box that looks just the way Soylent Green might have been packaged in the eponymous Charlton Heston/Edward G.Robinson movie of 1973.  Our designers set out to create a box that captures both the utopian propaganda of the Soylent Corporation and the real feelings of desperation and hunger depicted in the movie.  It looks a little like the cover of an L. Ron Hubbard book.

Custom-produced in the United States of all-natural ingredients at a small-batch gourmet manufacturing facility, Soylent Green crackers contain real plankton, are colored green and have a nice plant-like undertone.  Tastes just like Grandmas.

Check out the promotional video made by one of our retailers, ThinkGeek.  Not quite the much-anticipated blockbuster remake of Soylent Green, but pretty good:

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